Cupix brings virtual job site navigation to Procore

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The integration of Cupix with Procore delivers a 360-degree panoramic view with ‘full 3D spatial context’

Users of Procore’s construction management software can now remotely “walk through” a construction site thanks to a new integration with the CupixWorks 3D Digital Twin Platform.

Users of the software can navigate to the location of RFIs, observations and open items, search by location names and review job sites retrospectively. According to Cupix, this enables teams to review iterative progress on a job site dating back days, weeks or months.

The integration of Cupix with Procore delivers a 360-degree panoramic view with ‘full 3D spatial context’, enabling users to search locations within a job site by the names they already use, (e.g. main lobby, conference room A, conference room B) without having to leave the Procore platform or alter Procore’s normal operations.

Cupix’s real-time 3D digital twin collaboration tool, SiteView, offers virtual remote site navigation, progress tracking, as-built vs. BIM analysis, 3D measurements, and 3D annotations.

“We’ve been working with Cupix for about three years and their technology gives us the ability to zero in on any element of any job site and to be able to see exactly what’s going on,” said Shane Flanagan, senior project manager at Dome Construction, a San Francisco-based firm specialising in healthcare, tenant improvements, life sciences, and biotech construction.

“Before Cupix, we used to send cell phone pictures back and forth, or try to use Facetime. Now, using just an off-the-shelf 360-degree camera, Cupix gives us the full context to solve problems. Bottom line: it saves a lot of time and money — and being integrated with Procore makes it even more useful.”

“The embedded integration between Cupix and Procore allows the entire stakeholder team to easily leverage up-to-date, complete visual documentation of a job site found in Cupix,” added Brian K. Smith, owners business development manager at Procore. “They can also connect critical tasks like RFIs and observations by using powerful APIs in the Procore platform. This open platform approach allows users to build a single source of project data truth, helps reduce double entry, reduce risk and provide full project transparency.”


Earlier this year, Cupix launched CupixWorks 2.0, a major update to its ‘3D digital twin platform’, which uses a consumer-grade 360-degree camera to capture construction sites.

Enhancements included automated 3D spatial information extraction and editing tools which enable 3D spatial intelligence-based site management, ‘comprehensive BIM data support’, and ‘secure collaboration’ and data access controls.


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