New utility designed to automate repetitive tasks in Revit

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Ideate Automation allowing Ramboll to perform previously fragmented automation tasks and increase its efficiency

Ideate Automation for Revit is a new scripting tool for use with Ideate BIMLink designed to let ‘repetitive, time-intensive, low-value BIM tasks’ run silently in the background, freeing up designers and engineers so they can focus on higher-level work.

“We were waiting with anticipation for the release of Ideate Automation and we have not been disappointed by its potential,” said Michael Hartley, technical BIM Manager at Ramboll. “We have started implementing Ideate Automation and the tool is already influencing our workflows. Ideate Automation is allowing us to perform previously fragmented automation tasks and increase our efficiency whilst offering us new possibilities for data collection. This is one tool we have been missing and finally helps connect the dots!”

The software is optimized to work with Ideate BIMLink, which enables Revit users to pull information from a file into Microsoft Excel for editing and then push volumes of precise, consequential BIM data back into the Revit model.

Ideate Automation is available for $995 per company.

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