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Revizto clash detection added to BIM collaboration platform

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Integrated solution now offers clash detection, grouping, and issue tracking from a single environment

The new ‘Revizto+ with automated clash detection’ is described as an integrated solution for clash detection, grouping, and issue tracking from a single environment.

Multiple participants can simultaneously carry out clash detection from a single platform, with the results filtered specifically for relevant stakeholders.

The platform can search for five different clashes: hard, clearance, clearance with independent horizontal and vertical offsets, tolerance and tolerance with independent horizontal and vertical offsets. Detection searches can be grouped for further refining, and search results can be filtered.

“We anticipate the need for other software will be removed, as well as the hands-on nature in running separate clash resolution processes; this could remove as much as 20% of the cost of a BIM coordinators budget.” said Ben May, ANZ buildings and places digital transformation director, AECOM.

According to Lewis Guy, VDC implementation manager at Revizto, generating the clash results is really quick. “We’ve had Revizto+ on one of our biggest projects in the UK where we ran the search as everything against everything just as a test and we generated three million results in 45 minutes,” he said.

“We’re solving a problem the way BIM coordinators and managers want it to be solved,” he added. “Revizto+ clash detection is built entirely around ‘search sets’, whether for models or specific data within the models (all the ducts or all the pipes for example). As Revizto is a collaborative platform, more than one person can run clash detections and review the results at the same time.”

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