TestFit Generative Design targets building optimisation

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New tool, set to launch later this month, uses computational AI to optimise building layouts

TestFit, a specialist in feasibility software for property development, is gearing up for the launch of Generative Design, a new tool that uses computational AI to optimise building layouts. The software enables designers to explore a multitude of design possibilities without having to learn how to script.

TestFit has been developing building optimisation technology since 2016. The company’s ‘Site Solver’ product allows users to generate site plans ‘instantly’ with real-time insights into design, cost, and constructability. Earlier this year the company released ‘Urban Planner’ a free urban planning tool with customizable massing tools (read this AEC Magazine article).

Generative Design is the next step forward for TestFit, allowing AI to test site solutions, on its own, based on specific project requirements. It is said to work for sites of all scales from multi-family development to industrial buildings.

Click here to watch the full talk from Clifton Harness as he introduces TestFit Generative Design at NXT BLD 2024

“Real estate development is innately bespoke. Every piece of land is unique, requiring every building to be a prototype,” says Clifton Harness, CEO and co-founder of TestFit. “While experience and local knowledge can be applied to decision-making, with Generative Design, a machine can test every possible configuration, inclusive of what we would never even think to try.”

Traditionally, generative design requires a deep expertise in complex computational algorithms. But, according to TestFit, with Generative Design, users can easily define the targets they need with filters like floor area ratio (FAR), parking ratio, and yield on cost, to find the best option for their specific needs.

“TestFit Generative Design begins your project with a goal, allowing you to start with an optimized site plan. We believe this approach enhances both productivity and creativity,” adds Harness.


TestFit Generative Design will be available later this month.