Atvero Mail AEC email management tool to launch

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Atvero Mail designed to bring order to email, which remains a key method of transmitting project information, documents, and drawings

CMap has introduced Atvero Mail, an email management tool specifically designed for the AEC sector. The software is built on Microsoft Outlook and offers automated email filing, and ‘powerful search functionality’ to ‘instantly find’ emails and attachments for any project.

“With email remaining a key communication tool when working on projects, there was a market need for an email management product that emphasized discoverability and searchability for AEC firms, whilst keeping users in their familiar Microsoft 365 environment. This is exactly why we’re developing Atvero Mail,” said Marcus Roberts, head of Atvero.

CMap acquired Atvero in February 2023 as a document, drawing and email management solution.

After extensive engagement with the AEC community, the decision was made to split Atvero into two products; Atvero Mail (launching late Q3 2024) and Atvero PIM (which will continue to operate as a document, drawing and email management solution).

“Since acquiring Atvero we’ve seen enormous market demand, with new legislation, such as the Building Safety Act, changing the approach AEC firms have toward their information management practices,” said Dave Graham, CEO of CMap.

“During this time, working closely with our customers and the AEC community we’ve identified the vital need for a standalone email management tool to provide people with an easier way to get started on their information management journey.”

Atvero Mail will be available in late Q3 2024.