Asite teams up with SmartViz for digital twins

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Partnership aims to give building owners and operators real-time data-driven insights into their assets to help make better decisions and reduce costs

Cloud collaboration platform provider Asite has formed a partnership with digital twin software developer SmartViz to help expand operational capabilities available to asset owners. 

Asite says the partnership will enable outcome-driven digital twins through real-time data and occupancy analytics, simulations, and visualisations for asset performance optimisation.  

“SmartViz’s innovative digital twin application together with Asite platform can truly empower our clients to boost building performance and user experience,” said Dr. Shrikant B. Sharma, founder & CEO of SmartViz. “It’s just not acceptable that buildings still consume 3.5x more energy and release 3.8x more CO2 than they should. This needs to change. For that we need to break data silos, and make it accessible, insightful and empower everyone from the COO and CFO to the estate directors, facilities managers and end users.

“That’s what this partnership delivers by enhancing space utilisation, saving energy and supercharging the productivity and wellbeing of people – all highly relevant issues in light of the climate challenges, net zero goals, and post-covid world adapting to hybrid working.”

Through the Asite and SmartViz partnership, Asite says digital twins will be used to make more effective decisions by turning data into insights and outcomes. 

Asset information—CO2, light, humidity, and occupancy levels—can be aggregated from a myriad of IoT sensors and smart building systems and visualized on an asset model in real-time to determine where energy is being lost within the asset and if space is being used efficiently.  

The aim is to build more productive and energy-efficient assets, improve building performance and sustainability while helping reduce costs.  


Earlier this year SmartViz was integrated with the Bentley iTwin platform. SmartViz has been used across all building types, including educational estates, cultural places, transport hubs, and workplaces and, according to the London-based company, it saved Vodafone $40m in excess property and energy costs.


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