Procore adds new features to construction management software

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User requested platform features designed to boost collaboration and communications across the construction project lifecycle

Procore has developed seven user-requested platform features for its construction management software to boost collaboration and communications across the construction project lifecycle.

New additions to the Procore platform include Action Plans, Correspondence, Custom and Configurable Fields, Procore Connect, Procore Search, Real-Time Labour Costing, and a Web-Based 3D Model Viewer.

Action Plans allows users to take action on construction project plans, including inspections, forms, specifications, drawings, documents, and submittals, from one, controlled location.

Correspondence allows users to capture and manage all communications across a project in one system of record, minimizing the risk for miscommunication and contractual disputes. Users can apply the functionality to organize their inboxes and also convert any correspondence into a change event or RFI. Users can also link correspondence to a specific markup on a drawing.

Custom and Configurable Fields can be used to allows customers to create a ‘unique Procore experience’ for their users.

Procore Connect allows users to share data across different Procore accounts. With the appropriate permissions, account users can share project information with peers who are working within their own separate company account. According to Procore, this makes collaboration smoother by cutting down on double entry and giving users easier access to their project data, from which they can pull insights.


Procore Search gives users the ability to search across Procore’s tools from one location, without ever leaving their home page.

Real-Time Labour Costing on projects is being delivered through a new deep data integration with Procore Field Productivity and Procore Project Financials. With the Procore Platform, the moment labour hours are submitted, they are instantly applied to the budget as a cost. It means Project Managers can track labour costs in real-time, identify at-risk scopes of work, and act quickly to make decisions that positively impact project budgets and profitability.

Building on the 2019 release of Procore BIM, a 3D model viewer for iOS devices, there is now a new web-based models viewer to help members of the project team view and navigate 3D models without needing a licence of complex modelling software or sync large files to their computer.

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