NEWS: Graphisoft introduces flexible licensing for BIMx

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BIM Project Sharing app for iOS and Android, now tailored for clients, architects and model sharing

Graphisoft has introduced a simplified and more flexible licensing scheme for its BIM presentation app, BIMx. There are now three options.

BIMx – recommended for clients – provides free of charge access to the 3D part of any building models in BIMx format.

BIMx PRO – recommended for architects – provides access to the full scope of BIM projects, including both 2D and 3D content (Hyper-model). Access to any number of full BIMx projects on one particular device costs $49.99.

BIMx Model Sharing (in-app purchase option) – recommended for architects – offers an option to grant access to individual BIMx Hyper-models (including 2D and 3D content) for an unlimited number of clients on any of their devices without a time limit for $49.99.

“By simplifying the license options available and following naming standards in the Appstore, our users will better understand whether to choose the FREE version or the paid PRO version,” said Akos Pfemeter, vice president, marketing at Graphisoft. “The best news is that even with paid licenses, the purchase decision boils down to the following, very simple decision: All models on 1 device OR 1 model on all device – for the same $50,” he added.

BIMx is available in the App Store and on Google Play.


An upcoming BIMx Webinar on March 10 will show a live demonstration of BIMx and BIMx PRO.

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