NEWS: Opti-cal to resell ‘game-changing’ SLAM solution

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Agreement includes ZEB1 hand-held laser scanner and SLAM (simultaneous localisation & mapping) survey solution

Opti-cal Survey Equipment has signed an agreement with GeoSLAM ( to resell ZEB1 – a hand-held laser scanner and SLAM (simultaneous localisation & mapping) survey solution to UK customers.

The ZEB1 can be used for a variety of applications including measured surveys of building interiors, mapping outdoor facades, and construction site scanning for project progress inspection.

The hand-held laser scanner allows users to walk through the target survey environment while recording more than 40,000 measurement points per second without the need for external positioning data such as GNSS.

According to Opti-cal, the ZEB1 works best in feature-rich environments while on the move, so there is typically no need for targets and absolutely no need for a tripod.

Once the data has been collected, it can be uploaded to the GeoSLAM Cloud, where SLAM software transforms the survey measurements into a fully registered point cloud. Thereafter, the data can be downloaded (on a pay-as-you-go basis) for use inside all major CAD software.

“We are delighted to sign Opti-cal to resell GeoSLAM solutions in the UK.” commented Neil Pollock, COO GeoSLAM. “As a Fully Accredited Authorised Leica Geosystems Distributor & Service Partner, and as a channel distribution partner for FARO Technologies and SPX Radiodetection, Opti-cal is a safe and trusted pair of hands to introduce GeoSLAM’s game-changing SLAM solutions to some of the UK’s most well-known construction and engineering firms.”


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