The Future of Building Design: an AEC Magazine Special Edition

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68-page special edition takes a holistic view of advanced technologies shaping Architecture, Engineering and Construction

We have a very special edition of AEC magazine for you this month where we take a holistic view of the technologies and processes, which are set to change and enhance the AEC industry in the coming years — from concept design all the way to construction.

Concept design
There are a whole host of digital tools for early stage design experimentation.

Rapid site design
The rapid capture of site topology is being aided by new technologies.

Benefits of 3D design
Evolution, not revolution when making the move to 3D CAD.

Moving to model-based design
How to get from 2D to 3D, how to roll out training and how to overcome common issues encountered along the way.

Design viz
Advanced new rendering technologies are opening the door to design realism in architectural workflow.


Design, analysis and optimisation
Once you have a 3D CAD model, optimse your design for daylighting, energy performance and much more.

Collaboration and model checking
How to share models with clients, contractors and construction firms and test the quality of your model.


What to look out for when choosing a workstation for 3D CAD.

Virtual Reality 

New technologies are now available to support powerful new design workflows.

3D printing 

Architects are 3D printing architectural models with impressive results.


As building time gets compressed what will revolutionise fabrication and construction time?

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