HP DesignJet Studio finished with natural materials, while the DesignJet T200 and T600 Series said to be the world’s smallest plotters.

HP DesignJet Studio features a sleek white facia and wood or steel finish

HP has taken a fresh look at its large format printer range, launching new machines targeted at SoHo (Small office / Home office) AEC businesses. This includes the HP DesignJet Studio, which features a sleek white facia and wood or steel finish, and the DesignJet T200 and T600 Series, which HP claims to be the world’s smallest plotters.

All three DesignJets work with the HP Smart App for iOS and Android that allows users to print and manage jobs from ‘virtually anywhere, anytime’. Meanwhile, users can send multiple files in one click (PDF, JPEG, TIFF, DWF, and HP-GL/2) from PC or Mac, and with HP Click software, documents of different sizes can be printed automatically (A1/D and A3/B or A0/E and A3/B).

With its natural materials and sleek aesthetic, the ‘customer facing’ HP DesignJet Studio printer is not meant to be tucked away in the corner of an office. The printer comes in two sizes - 24” (A1/D) and 36” (A0/E) – and with an automatic A3/B tray, multi-size projects can be printed automatically without manually switching the media source.

HP claims high-speed printing as fast as 26 seconds per A1/D plot and, with HP Bright Office Inks, up to 31% more line accuracy and up to 65% more gamut than the Canon TM-305 printer. HP DesignJet Studio features 1GB memory, 2,400 x 1,200 dpi resolution and an integrated bin.

The HP DesignJet T200 Printer Series is primarily a desktop 24” (A1/D) printer, built to fit in the smallest of spaces, although there’s an optional stand and optional automatic sheet feeder. It’s available in three models, which are differentiated by print speed (the DesignJet T210, DesignJet T230 and DesignJet T250 print at speeds up to 45 secs, 35 secs and 30 secs per A1 respectively. It features 512MB memory.

The HP DesignJet T600 Printer Series is available in two sizes - 24” (A1/D) and 36” (A0/E) - and comes with a built in stand and output bin and automatic sheet feeder. There are two models, the DesignJet T630 and DesignJet T650, which print at speeds up to 30 secs and 26 secs per A1 respectively. The DesignJet T600 Series has 1GB of memory, double that of the DesignJet T200 Series, and HP/GL - 2 Support.

“The new DesignJet Series, from the T200 through to the T600 and Studio Printer versions, bring a new level of design, simplicity and connectivity for creative professionals,” said Guayente Sanmartín, vice president and general manager, HP Large Format Printing Business. “With their automatic printing of A3/B and large format, their ability to print from anywhere and the smallest footprint in the market, these printers are perfect for AEC professionals that work either in the office or from home. In addition, their use of recycled plastics and the introduction of our first net carbon neutral large format printer underlines HP’s continued commitment to our planet.”

The HP DesignJet T200 Printer Series is primarily a desktop 24” (A1/D) printer

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