Tekla Structures 2024

Tekla 2024 structural tools launch

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Software family said to offer enhanced user experience and connected workflows across projects and stakeholders

Trimble has introduced the 2024 versions of its Tekla software for constructible BIM, structural engineering, and steel fabrication management.

Tekla Structures 2024, Tekla Structural Designer 2024, Tekla Tedds 2024 and Tekla PowerFab 2024 boast an enhanced user experience and better collaboration through connected workflows, among other new features

The 2024 version of Tekla Structures provides an enhanced user experience and ‘more intuitive’ modelling for engineers and detailers. Automated fabrication drawing cloning improvements are said to deliver significant benefits for steel and precast cast unit drawings creation.

The software also offers ‘enhanced interoperability’ between Trimble software, hardware and other third-party solutions. With support for open standards such as BCF (BIM Collaboration Format), users can communicate model-based issues among project collaborators. buildingSMART properties are also supported by improved and extended IFC property sets.

Tekla Structures 2024 also comes with a new Named User License that includes Trimble Connect Business Premium and Tekla Model Sharing. Trimble Connect Business Premium includes improved collaborative workflow capabilities, such as model-based status sharing.

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Tekla Structural Designer 2024 offers enhanced integration with Tekla Structures
Tekla Structural Designer 2024 offers enhanced integration with Tekla Structures

Structural design and analysis software Tekla Structural Designer 2024 has been enhanced with ‘Staged Construction Analysis’, which takes into account that there is a sequence in construction and loading. This ‘fully automated’ process can be applied to the design of both concrete and steel structures. Structural engineers can now also use reference models from other disciplines such as architecture or MEP to check compatibility with their structural model.

Tekla Tedds 2024 offers new retaining basement wall analysis & design
Tekla Tedds 2024 offers new retaining basement wall analysis & design

The latest version of Tekla Tedds for structural engineering calculations builds upon the integration of structural design information and documentation with Tekla Structures to improve collaborative design-to-detailing. Tekla Tedds 2024 offers updated libraries of predefined structural calculations and custom calculation capabilities for what is described as ‘faster, more reliable’ structural element design, also in multi-material designs. The software now also offers steel angle design for European and US codes, retaining basement wall analysis and design for European and US codes, and masonry design for US codes.


Tekla PowerFab 2024 provides 'clear priorities' for cut lists
Tekla PowerFab 2024 provides ‘clear priorities’ for cut lists

The 2023i version of the Tekla PowerFab steel fabrication management software introduced visual change management and estimate job costing. Tekla PowerFab 2024 now introduces enhanced project management tools for organising and keeping track of subcontracts, change order breakdown and integration with BCF Topics using Trimble Connect. BCF Topics allows for companies using different software to collaborate, with the ability for project managers to do multi-project follow-up and reporting of Topics. To further improve the office-to-shop communication and transparency, the software introduces a new cut list prioritisation.


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