NEWS: Vectorworks adds AR capability to its Nomad Mobile App

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Software allows Vectorworks models to be viewed at their actual size and in context with the real world

Vectorworks has added an Augmented Reality (AR) capability to its free Vectorworks Nomad mobile app. Nomad already had a 3D model viewing mode that let the user orbit around a model or walk through a model. However, with this new viewing mode, users can view Vectorworks models at their actual size and in context with the real world to help make design decisions before they are built.

The AR viewing mode is designed to remove the barrier between the virtual model and the real world, helping users and clients to better understand the design at scale, as well as illustrate potential design problems and facilitate discussion about the design. Users simply upload a 3D Vectorworks model to Cloud Services and select “View in AR” from the Nomad app.

“As a must-have companion to Vectorworks, Nomad with AR represents a defining moment in working interactively with models,” said Brian Goodridge, principal at Thor Studios. “It’s a powerful tool when designing kitchens and custom cabinetry, because AR allows me to project my Vectorworks models into real-world spaces. Clients are now able to view and interact with my new kitchen designs inside their home before the cabinets are ever built.”

The new Nomad AR mode works with Apple’s new iOS 11 operating system and devices that support the ARKit.

“The Research and Mobile teams have been demonstrating prototypes of this technology in various forms internally and at public events, learning about the technology and gathering feedback,” said Alex Nicol, mobile team manager at Vectorworks. “This is the first iteration of AR for Vectorworks, and we won’t stop here. As users begin adopting the new technology, we’ll continue making enhancements based on their feedback.”


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