NEWS: ClearEdge3D acquires construction verification software firm

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Acquisition of Pericept brings together two construction QA/QC technologies – Verity and BIMtrace

ClearEdge3D, the developer of the Verity construction verification software and the EdgeWise automated modelling software, today has acquired Pericept, a construction verification software firm based in Texas.

Pericept’s BIMtrace software captures recently installed scopes-of-work (SOW) on a construction site and compares the as-built work to the design model to verify that the elements have been properly installed. According to ClearEdge3D, a unique feature of the BIMtrace system is its ability to utilise iPhone or iPad images instead of laser scan data to give users a comparison of the as-built conditions to the design or fabrication models in a matter of minutes.

ClearEdge explains that, for certain scopes of work such as MEP, BIMtrace is a perfect complement to its Verity software, which uses laser scan data to compare the as-built and as-designed conditions. “Depending on the level of accuracy required, BIMtrace is an ideal solution when laser scanning is either impractical or unnecessary,” states Kelly Cone, VP of product management for ClearEdge3D. “Bringing these two technologies into a single platform under one company will offer the construction community a powerful and versatile new QA/QC tool, giving them exceptional insight into the accuracy of their projects,” he added.

ClearEdge3D plans to integrate the BIMtrace algorithms and features in future versions of Verity. Both Verity and BIMtrace are Navisworks compatible, allowing the as-built work to be analysed against the design/fabrication models directly in Navisworks. Customers of Verity and BIMtrace include some of the largest general contractors in the world such as DPR Construction, Interserve, Gilbane, Haskell, Whiting-Turner, Optron and more.

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