Arkio builds capabilities beyond VR

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New beta v0.7.0 release of the collaborative spatial design tool features an enhanced experience on desktop and mobile

Arkio, the VR-centric collaborative spatial design tool, now has enhanced capabilities for iOS, Android and Windows flat-screen mode. In the new beta v0.7.0 release users will find most of the same tools that are available in VR for creating, editing, moving, sketching, painting, deleting, measuring and splitting shapes. These tools will even work when viewing a model in AR mode on a phone or tablet.

Elsewhere, the software is more tightly integrated with Revit. Through the Arkio Revit plug-in users can choose between creating generic shapes or Revit masses. 3D models imported into Arkio now transfer directly into Revit families and the same goes for line sketches made inside Arkio.

Other new features include a new model history view that allows users to go back in time and restore previous models. Assts are easier to import and proportionally scale and an expanded asset library now includes more people, furniture, trees and cars.

Finally, design review sessions have been enhanced with a new gather feature that brings fellow collaborators to the same position and scale.

Users can request access to the beta program.

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