NEWS: Asta Powerproject enhanced for construction project management

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Version 14 includes many improvements said to benefit construction companies investing in digital construction and BIM

Asta Powerproject Version 14, the latest release of the construction project management solution from Elecosoft, features a number of improvements. These include tools to help construction firms share and communicate BIM project plans, manage user access across distributed collaborative teams, analyse risk and perform analytical reporting.

The software’s new integrated EVA Reporter analytical tool is designed to help users gain a clear overall view of project progression. It can produce anything from a simple S-curve of progress to a full EVA projection, broken down by resource, cost centre or code library.

Another new analytical tool called the Network Viewer allows project plans to be viewed as PERT charts. PERT charts are an alternative to Gantt charts, which are the preferred way to view projects in Asta Powerproject.

The strength of Gantt charts lies in how they graphically depict the duration of tasks and the relationships between them. However, according to Elecosoft, PERT charts are better for tracing the logic of a project as they do not depict graphically duration or calendar time and, and are more compact and easy-to-follow.

Risk Analysis, which was previously available as an extra-cost option, now comes as part of the standard product.

In addition, users can now share Asta Powerproject BIM projects with associated IFC file for free with a BIM enabled Asta Project Viewer.


Other new features include more tightly controlled access rights by creating Security Groups in addition to managing individual User Properties and more flexible tools to export business intelligence data to external databases or spreadsheets.

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