ClearEdge3D smoothes path to issue resolution

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Integration between Verity and BIM Track designed to advance coordination issue management and find and resolve on-site mistakes quicker

A new integration between ClearEdge Verity construction verification software and BIM Track’s web-based collaboration platform for BIM coordination allows AEC professionals to more easily publish on site mistakes and assign the issues to specific team members.

Verity enables AEC professional to automatically compare design or fabrication models to as-built point clouds to determine the installation status and flag out-of-tolerance work. After a quick review, any issues that require follow-up can be published in bulk to BIM Track with one click. From there, BIM Track’s collaboration and coordination management tools can help resolve issues.

All the data captured by Verity is also added into the BIM Track issue description and can be summarized in HTML reports for conveniently documenting and sharing findings with the project team.



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