Elecosoft enhances construction planning tool Powerproject

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Powerproject XV features new UI, schedule checking and more realistic real-time project simulations

Powerproject XV, the latest release of the project management/planning software from Elecosoft, features an enhanced user interface, better control over the appearance of plans, greater flexibility and clarity in progress reporting and new tools to check the quality of schedules.

The new release features a significant improvement in the way it displays BIM models. A simulation profile can now define the direction by which a 3D element is revealed during a time-simulation. For example, brickwork can be animated to appear from the ground up, or piles can be shown moving downwards. This gives the time-simulation a more realistic presentation, says Elecosoft.

For checking schedules, the new Schedule Quality Check (SQC) tool can help identify whether project plans have been well planned and comply with industry or company standards. Users can build their own SQC as a combination of tests from a choice of recognised industry metrics and set individual thresholds.

In conjunction with the new release, mobile device companion tool Site Progress Mobile, has also been rewritten to incorporate more functionality. These changes are said to improve the user experience and streamline the reporting of project progress. New features include the ability to progress by a Quantity, to edit or annotate photos and to add new tasks to the programme.




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