FREE CAD + virtualisation report for survey participants

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Report to look into adoption of Cloud, Remote Graphics or Virtualisation in relation to CAD software.

Do you want to learn more about Cloud, Remote Graphics or Virtualisation in relation to CAD/CAM and how it is impacting design and engineering? Sander van der Hoek certainly does and is calling for professional users of CAD/CAM software to participate in a short survey help gain better insight into the adoption of these new technologies.

Sander, who was introduced to us by respected CAD/CAM and virtualisation specialist, Rachel Berry of Citrix, will use the data from his survey to write his in-depth thesis, ‘development in the designer workplace.’ All participants will get a free copy of the report.

Sander’s thesis will focus on all the latest developments from Nvidia, Citrix and VMware in the in the area of 3D capable high-end virtual desktops, as well as SAAS (Software As A Service) based CAD/CAM solutions, that will make high-end 3D applications available for designers at any location on any device.

The core questionnaire includes 25 questions and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

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