Arcon Glas Visualizer to help explore visual impact of glazing

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New visualisation tool designed to give first impression of different glazing options on building façades

The new Glas Visualizer, which can be accessed free from arcon’s website, can integrate all currently available arcon products into a facade mock-up in just a few clicks. The user can also switch between various light conditions (sunny or overcast).

According to Arcon, for large facade areas in particular, the choice of glazing plays a crucial role, because the glass and/or its coating define the character of a building, which changes depending on the light conditions.

“When developing the online visualization tool we focused on making it as realistic as possible,” explains Simon Potts, plant manager coating at arcon. “Because the first impression often points the way. The more realistic the representation the sooner the people involved in a construction project can narrow down their favourites. And the quicker the consultation and decision-making processes can reach an outcome. This saves time and money.”

Arcon offers a broad array of magnetron coatings on all kinds of glass substrates, from float glass to laminated or body-tinted glass and various types of tempered safety glass.

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