LetsBuild looks to extend on-site BIM adoption

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New technology designed to make it easier for construction workers to feed data into the project’s BIM model

LetsBuild, recently formed by the merger of Belgian Aproplan and Danish GenieBelt, is looking to close the gap between office and construction site with a new BIM solution that ‘seamlessly’ links on-site activities and checks to the project’s BIM model.

The new solution, which will be fully integrated with LetsBuild’s APROPLAN app, is designed to put BIM into the hands of construction workers, allowing them to provide real-time data from site without having to ‘struggle with unfamiliar tools’.

According to the developers, the app will connect the BIM objects in the model to site activities, checks and forms to allow a transparent digital built environment. In that way, the BIM model will be enriched with field data and the underlying BIM object data will be made available to people in the field.

Based on the company’s quality protocol, set by the QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety & Environment) manager, BIM object classes can be linked to specific forms and checklists so that on-site checks are standardised across projects for the same class of objects.

LetsBuild provides an example of a fire-proof door needs to be installed. Using classification, the BIM object representing the door will be linked to certain forms in the Aproplan app. This ensures that the correct door is installed correctly and also documents that it has been signed off on site. The forms triggered will depend on the type of project and object classifications, as different projects comply to different standards at different phases of the construction process.




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