NEWS: Arithmetica launches Pointfuse V3

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Point cloud processing tool gets new ‘selectable surfaces’ feature and monthly licensing options

To coincide with the V3 release of point cloud conversion software Pointfuse, Arithmetica has introduced a new monthly licensing option suited to project-specific usage.

Pointfuse is a modelling engine that converts the vast point cloud datasets generated by laser scanners or photogrammetry into ‘high fidelity’ vector models. The resulting models are said to be 1:4 the size of the original point cloud.

The big new feature for Pointfuse V3 is ‘selectable surfaces’ which allows surfaces within Pointfuse 3D models to be identified, grouped and classified. According to Arithmetica, these characteristics bring workflow efficiencies to the project that are not possible when working with point clouds or traditional mesh models.

Other features include changes to the user interface and data processing algorithms, making the software faster – with point clouds converted to high fidelity models in a ‘matter of minutes’, and simpler – with one parameter, one button processing.

Pointfuse is designed for anyone capturing or using point cloud data and uses advanced statistical techniques to create vector models which can exported to IFC and FBX for manipulation in any industry-standard CAD system.

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