NEWS: Asta delivers trio of product launches

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Asta Powerproject BIM and Site Progress Mobile roll out globally while Bidcon BIM launches in the UK

Asta Development has released the second version of Asta Powerproject BIM and is rolling the product out via its global reseller network for the first time. The company has also launched the estimation tool Bidcon BIM into the UK and is adding to the capability of Site Progress Mobile with the addition of a web application to allow browser access.

Bidcon is an estimation tool developed within the Eleco group, of which Asta is a part. It has been available in Scandinavia for over 20 years and is now integrated as a 5D BIM solution offering alongside the Asta Powerproject application.

Until now Asta Powerproject BIM and Site Progress Mobile have only been available in the UK and Ireland, but with these latest releases both are now being extended internationally through Asta’s global reseller network.

Asta Powerproject BIM combines 3D planning and scheduling in a single 4D application. Version 2 builds on its core capability to create and play 3D visualisations along a timeline by allowing users to:

• Separate 3D objects in IFC models into a number of smaller 3D elements – in order to associate separate elements with tasks in a timeline to reflect the realities of construction.

• Split multiple times in 3 axes.


• Merge IFC elements into single objects to associate them as a whole with a project tasks, where they can be managed a single item or action. • Assign build sequence to sub-sections for more accurate planning.

• Work with locally-stored IFC files, in addition to those in the ELECO BIMCloud which adds offline capabilities in addition to existing cloud information sharing and file transfer.

The enhancements are said to also move the product further towards 5D functionality, by providing the ability to link to the Bidcon BIM estimation tool. If costs relating to a 3D model (IFC format) have been entered into Bidcon and uploaded to the ELECO BIMCloud the cost information can now be imported directly into the Asta Powerproject project with which it is associated. According to Asta, this enables automatic consumable and permanent resource allocations to represent material and labour costs to be managed alongside and in sync with the master programme. This new version is available as an additional module in release 13.0.02 of Asta Powerproject.

Bidcon BIM is a cost-planning tool based on a SQL database. According to Asta, it ensures that you can quickly identify the most cost-effective solutions and revise your estimations as required.

The software contains what are descried as flexible and dynamic templates and reports, helping ensure that you can quickly identify the most cost-effective solutions and revise your estimates as required. Bidcon BIM allows you to perform a take-off from an IFC model to then share quantities and costs with Asta Powerproject BIM, giving users the option to work in a common data environment. Site Progress Mobile will have the addition of web browser access from 1st June, adding further improvement to the site progress reporting tool. Originally designed to be a mobile tablet and smartphone-centric tool, the software is now available on PC and laptop as well as on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

Site Progress Mobile enables users to access secure Asta Powerproject files via the cloud, and work with them regardless of the availability of site WiFi or mobile data connectivity. According to Asta, this enables site progress to be recorded in real time, boosting accuracy and timeliness of reporting and assuring business visibility.

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