NEWS: Autodesk Robot gets Dynamo plug-in for form generation

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Autodesk’s computational geometry creation tool to drive structural analysis in latest tech preview on Autodesk Labs

The Dynamo Plug-in for Robot Structural Analysis is the latest technology preview to land in Autodesk Labs. The software allows designers and engineers to drive Robot with Dynamo, Autodesk’s visual programming interface for computational-based geometry creation.

Designers can create parametric and complex structural frames models in Dynamo, then submit it to Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis for simulation, and review the results returned from the analysis.

Autodesk Dynamo is free and the Structural Analysis for Dynamo package is free, but you will need a license of Robot Structural Analysis 2015 to participate in what sounds to be one of the most interesting technology previews in a while. However, Autodesk points out that if you don’t have a license, you can still obtain a free 30-day trial of Robot.