NEWS: Bentley Systems releases STAAD.Pro V8i SELECTseries 6

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3D structural analysis and design engineering tool gets a boost in user experience and productivity

STAAD.Pro V8i SELECTseries 6, the latest release of the 3D structural analysis and design engineering software from Bentley Systems, has a major focus on improving the user experience

There’s a comprehensive new editor, which provides a parallel method for defining and tweaking the software’s data file.

A new Building Planner allows buildings to be quickly defined in a new modelling mode, using a set of regular plans that are constructed into a building form, analysed and the key concrete components then designed and detailed using the detail reinforced concrete design and detailing program, STAAD RCDC.

There has also been a complete redesign and restructuring of the solution algorithm in the Advanced Analysis solution (Advanced Math Solver). According to Bentley, this can result in a noticeable performance boost with some of the more complex models used with STAAD.Pro. Also the implementation of a Ritz Vector Method eigen extraction can provide improved dynamic analysis solutions when dealing with large numbers of modes.

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