NEWS: Design teams challenged to design Hyperloop terminuses

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48-hour collaborative BIM competition, part of annual Build Earth Live series, begins September

Design teams from around the world are invited to create a plan to link Dubai and Fujairah with a super-speed Hyperloop in the latest challenge in the annual Build Earth Live series.

Originally scheduled for May, the collaborative BIM competition is now being held from September 26-28 2016. The 48-hour time period is designed to allow for teams from around the world to collaborate on a flexible time schedule, regardless of their time zone.

Created by Asite with a headline sponsorship from Vectorworks, the competition is designed to showcase how new technology is revolutionizing construction. Teams are tasked with joining together in collaborative work using BIM technology. The event will focus in particular on the design of station terminuses within the context of Dubai and Fujairah.

Hyperloop is a high-speed transport system that uses levitating pods that move through a low-friction environment with electricity and magnets.


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