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Mechdyne boosts remote access to graphics intensive applications

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TGX v2.1 Remote Desktop Software features new UI and extended multi monitor support

Mechdyne has updated its TGX remote desktop software which is designed specifically for graphics-intensive applications such as CAD and real-time visualisation on multiple displays up to 4K resolution.

New features include multi-monitor configuration support on all receiver platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS), an improved user interface for ‘intuitive setup and connection’ configurations, and automated and simplified access to frequently used controls.

TGX Software works by installing a Sender on a remote desktop / rack workstation to compress and send the pixels to a Receiver on a laptop or local desktop where they are decoded and rendered. Users get the best performance when using Nvidia GPUs at both ends, but decoding can also be done on the CPU.

Prior to version 2.1, only Windows supported multi-monitor configuration on the Receiver. The software will recognize all monitors on the Receiver. According to Mechdyne, it has many customers that utilise three to four monitors.

The resolution of monitors is not limited and monitors with different resolution is acceptable. For example, a Receiver could be configured with one 4K monitor and two HD monitors.

TGX Version 2.1 also features automated and simplified access to frequently used controls. Upon launch of TGX Receiver, for example, the Toolbar GUI is now hidden until the mouse is placed near the top of one of the monitors which triggers the Toolbar to appear. It then disappears when mouse is moved away from the top.

The icons on the Toolbar have also been rearranged to allow ‘easier access’ to core functions without having to drop into a menu, while keeping the functionality of the Toolbar as minimalistic as possible. The idea behind this is that the user’s focus should be controlling the graphically-intensive applications on the Sender desktop as viewed on the Receiver monitors.


“TGX benefits not just remote users but also IT management because sensitive data stays safely in the office,” said David Gsell, general manager of Mechdyne’s Software Services business unit. “With TGX, users work from centralised files and computers that can be kept secure and more easily maintained by IT teams. Co-location of workstations and sensitive data eliminates continuous downloads and uploads of files, enabling better version control,” said Gsell.

According to the company, TGX is ideal for work from home (or anywhere) applications with varying connectivity speeds, often needing less than 30% of the network bandwidth required by competing products

A free trial version of TGX is available at TGX is also available as the remote desktop for Lenovo workstations.

Last year AEC Magazine reviewed the software as part of a Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Gen 3 review, in combination with a Lenovo ThinkStation P920 Rack 2U rack workstation with dual Intel Xeon Gold CPUs.


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