NEWS: Elecosoft acquires maintenance management software company Shire Systems

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Elecosoft now offers digital products for the full building life-cycle from planning, design and construction to ongoing maintenance

Elecosoft has acquired Shire Systems, a UK maintenance management software provider and developer of Pirana, a computerised maintenance management system (or CMMS). Pirana is designed to help companies improve facilities management, reduce costs and increase productivity. According to Elecosoft it acts as a ‘digital doctor’ for buildings and equipment keeping them running smoothly and in good health.

The acquisition of Shire Systems extends Elecosoft’s product usage beyond early planning, design and construction by providing a system for managing and maintaining equipment and property.

Commenting on the acquisition, Jonathan Hunter, chief operating officer, Elecosoft says, “This acquisition enhances our customers’ ability to manage building complexities simply and digitally. Shire Systems allows Elecosoft to offer building and construction software on a cradle-to-grave basis from design, planning and project management through to facilities and property management.”

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