Microdesk releases optimised fabrication database solution for Revit

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BIMrx Fabrication DBS features “comprehensive content’ and streamlined fabrication workflows

BIMrx Fabrication DBS is a new optimised database solution for fabricators, detailers, virtual design & construction (VDC) and BIM managers designed to eliminate mismatched connector errors, inconsistent materials, unorganised folder structure, incorrect Bill of Materials and time spent searching for parts.

Developed by global BIM and EAM consulting firm Microdesk the all-in-one solution features over 1,800 parts from more than 30 of the top manufacturers with consistent global naming conventions.

The soliution also offers native integration with BIMrx Fabrication which, according to Microdesk, provides advanced modelling workflows, tools that simplify spooling, detailing and piping, and accelerated production of fabrication ready models.

“BIMrx Fabrication DBS is another piece of our commitment to assist the AECO industry with improving productivity and efficiency, allowing design and construction professionals to spend more time innovating and building sustainable facilities” said Michael DeLacey, President and CEO of Microdesk. “BIMrx Fabrication DBS accelerates standard fabrication workflows, allowing tasks that previously took hours to be completed in minutes.”

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