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Revizto launches new phone app

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Allows Revizto users to access, explore, and collaborate on projects ‘anytime, anywhere’

Revizto has launched a new phone app designed to allow its users to access, manage, and collaborate on construction and infrastructure projects.

The Revizto phone app is available for iOS and Android, works online and offline, and is included with any Revizto license.

For ‘project management on the go’ the Revizto phone app is designed to give users full access to all design and construction data, including 3D models, drawings, point clouds, and more. Real-time collaboration is also supported delivering what Revizto describes as seamless communication between teams with swift issue tracking.

With the app, Revizto is also expecting broader usage among teams and stakeholders, helping to bridge the gap between different disciplines and fostering a more collaborative and productive working environment.

“We recognize the vital role of mobility and accessibility in today’s dynamic industry. With the new app launch, we are excited to empower Revizto users to access, explore, and collaborate on projects anytime, anywhere,” said Arman Gukasyan, founder and CEO of Revizto. “We are confident that this groundbreaking app will redefine the way AECO professionals work and collaborate around the world.”

“I used the app for five minutes and definitely left thinking it would lead to more adoption in the field by our internal project teams as well as the subcontractors,” said Shaun Carollo, VDC Manager, Hoar Construction.

“Being able to fly the model with how light/easy it was, while going through issues in both 2D and 3D will definitely help.”



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