NEWS: Enscape adds support for ArchiCAD in Version 2.3

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Real time rendering and VR application now provides a live link to ArchiCAD as well as Revit, SketchUp and Rhino

Enscape, the real time rendering and VR application that provides a live link to Revit, SketchUp and Rhino, is now available for ArchiCAD. Via a plug-in from the 2.3 release, any geometry inside ArchiCAD, together with materials and lighting, is automatically recognized and displayed in Enscape, then ‘immediately’ updated whenever any changes are made.

Enscape can be used on a 2D display then, at the click of a button, users can jump into VR to virtually walk through a project.

New for version 2.3 is the ability to capture screenshots whilst in virtual reality. Once captured, high-quality screenshots will be rendered as a batch once VR mode has been exited.

Other new features include a standalone export feature that enables visualisations to run on your customer’s computer, without them having to install additional architectural software, and enhanced water designed to make projects even more engaging.

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