NEWS: FRAMECAD Structure 8.1.8 released

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IntelliCAD-based detailing and design tool extends design code compliance

FRAMECAD Structure 8.18 is the latest version of the IntelliCAD-based detailing and design package that makes engineering calculations in real time, analysing loads, deflections and other forces.

The new release includes a new wind pressure input option (in addition to the current wind speed option), the ability to view structural designs in an enhanced 3D mode using VRML export, an enhanced truss model export which includes a SAP2000 model, and more.

Various reactors have also been added to the software which automatically perform additional tasks in the background as commands are initiated. Previously these commands had to be undertaken manually by the user. Furthermore, carious components have been converted into custom entities, which, according to the developers, allow better visual clarity and background information to be added.

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