NEWS: Graphisoft enhances Grasshopper-ArchiCAD Live Connection

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New ‘deconstruct’ function introduces intelligent design details that follow changes in the core design

Graphisoft has released a significant update to its Grasshopper-ArchiCAD Live Connection. Version 2.0 of the bi-directional “live” link is said to open a new level of intelligent workflows between the two design environments (algorithmic design and BIM).

New features include a “Deconstruct” function that allows designers to use BIM models as the backbone of their design, adding algorithmic design logic using Grasshopper. According to Graphisoft, this allows designers to maintain the basic design logic in BIM (such as the base geometry of the building) and extend that with intelligent design details that follow changes in the core design.

To demonstrate this capability, Graphisoft has released a video (below) that shows building survey data about the built environment being used to re-create the building information model of an urban environment after a recent earthquake in Italy.

“The Deconstruct function in the Grasshopper-ArchiCAD live connection made it possible for us to reconstruct the BIM models of the buildings of Grisciano, Italy, by acting as a bridge between the models and the conceptual design,” said project architects Michele Calvano and Mario Sacco.

Another new enhancement to the Grasshopper-ArchiCAD Live Connection allows users to create custom GDL Objects using Grasshopper and then ‘instantly’ place them in their ArchiCAD project. The newly-created library parts will be placed in ArchiCAD’s Embedded Project Library and all future design changes made in Grasshopper will be instantly carried through the ArchiCAD project as well.


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