NEWS: Elysium adds VR support to engineering point cloud tool

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Enhancement to InfiPoints software supports virtual meetings in digital clone of plant and construction sites

Point cloud solution specialist Elysium has added a Virtual Reality (VR) capability to its InfiPoints software, which is used for data import, pre-processing, and analysis of engineering point clouds.

“InfiPoints for Oculus” allows engineers and clients to explore laser scanned sites in VR using the Oculus Rift VR headset to improve communication with increased reality. Users can plan maintenance and renovation work in the office using laser scanned plants and construction sites, instead of having to do physical site visits.

The software includes a capability to hold virtual meetings to share and discuss the work plan within the digital clone of engineering sites. Other features include distance measurement, a pseudo laser pointer, CAD model display and the ability to add comments and bookmarks.

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