NEWS: Ideate introduces view management tool for Revit

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ViewCreator helps users batch-create multiple Revit views and comply with company BIM standards

Ideate ViewCreator is a new application designed to improve control, quality, and the efficiency of Revit model View creation. The software allows users to create multiple Revit views at the same time based on smart rules and create copies of plans from one level to many levels. According to the developers, it also helps ensure view properties, templates, and naming standards are used.

“ViewCreator solves a problem experienced by both large and small companies that use Revit software,” said Ideate software director of software development, Glynnis Patterson. “Until now, they haven’t been able to batch-create multiple Revit views while complying with company-established BIM standards. ViewCreator solves this problem and perfectly complements our other Sheet and View tools: Sheet Manager, Clone, and Align. When used together, these tools support a high degree of automation and consistency for Revit sheet and view management.”

Ideate ViewCreator and the other Sheet and View tools are included in IdeateApps, a collection of applications designed to simplify the daily Revit activities.

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