Unity Reflect ships, plus details of link to Autodesk BIM 360

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Unity also reveals big plans for the software with current roadmap and potential future developments

Unity Reflect, the real-time 3D tool is due to launch in December with an annual subscription fee of $690. The software can create live links to multiple Revit models and also bring across the BIM metadata. Support for Navisworks, ArchiCAD, Rhino and SketchUp is also in the pipeline.

Autodesk has confirmed that there will be a future integration with Autodesk BIM 360 that will allow users to flag design issues in VR and have them show up automatically in BIM 360’s issue registry so they can be resolved later on.

Unity has big plans for the software, including new workflows for on-site Quality Assurance & Control and support for higher quality visuals through the High-Definition Rendering Pipeline.

It also has several use case workflows under consideration, including a two-way live link, drone scanning, smart cities (IoT) and construction sequencing.

See the full roadmap here.

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