NEWS: Immersive VR tool aims to increase construction site safety

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Human Condition Safety Labs VR platform helps workers learn correct ways to perform dangerous tasks

Human Condition Safety is developing a new fully immersive Virtual Reality platform designed to increase safety of construction workers and reduce workplace risk.

SafeScan is designed to help workers learn the correct ways to perform tasks, especially dangerous ones, in a ‘hyper-real’ gaming environment that uses BIM model data. The back end of the platform allows training results to be classified so safety managers can get a clear, quantitative picture of how ready their workers are to perform tasks that are particularly risky.

Once a jobsite is up and running, real performance data, such as worker compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHA) regulations or weather conditions displays alongside historical trend data. This digital environment can be shared with outside parties like fire departments and utility companies to aid quick decision-making in the unfortunate event of a disaster.

“Workers must be trained to think on their feet in nuanced situations, yet textbooks and classroom trainings are not adequately preparing them,” says Chris Bunk, chief technology officer at Human Condition Safety, the Human Condition Labs spin-out that is developing SafeScan. “The virtual environment we’ve created is so realistic that beta testers are trembling or fearful of taking the first step onto the high steel as they perform a basic operation, for example connecting I-beams 20 storeys up on a construction site. Unlike real life, workers have multiple opportunities to get the procedure right.”

Human Condition Safety is backed by AIG, Microsoft, Autodesk, and MSA. SafeScan is currently in private beta.


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