NEWS: New cloud solution aims to ‘revolutionise’ the FM sector

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ScanTrak combines 3D point cloud scanning with web-based asset management

ScanTrak is a new solution for facilities management which, according to the developers, combines the accuracy of 3D point cloud scanning with the ease of a modern web-based asset management platform. The software is developed by RSE Technologies and TRACKIT.

“We believe that ScanTrak could revolutionise the FM sector and catapult it into the 21st century,” said Steve Beber, CEO of TRACKIT. “The platform has been created to offer a unique, simple to use solution to day-to-day asset management. It provides precise data about individual assets within a 3D scan of the area, including information such as service history and electronic operational and maintenance manuals. This allows users to visually explore assets using a smart phone, tablet, laptop or any device via a modern web browser.”

ScanTrak 3D Panorama from ASSETSPIRE on Vimeo.

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