NEWS: New software helps engineers specify purlin and side rails

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Hadley Group’s DesignSuite PRO software helps engineers choose the right gauge and depth options for its new UltraZED system

Hadley Group has developed a new software tool to help engineers specify its UltraZED 2 purlin and side rail system.

Developed in-house by Hadley’s engineers the DesignSuite PRO software is designed to help engineers choose the right gauge and depth option for jobs. The UltraZED 2 system features more than 59 sections with depths of 145mm to 305mm for spans of up to 13 metres.

Features include an extended range of Internal Pressure coefficients and a bi-directional wind wizard that utilises BreVe.3. This allows for custom labelling of each face of the building and undertakes assessments from 12 directions in six ‘easy steps’ using wind-stored project database.

Export calculations can be carried out to the user’s own custom template with detailed bracing recommendations linked to systems manual.

The software also features SCI assured section properties and system capabilities considered in accordance with British Standards and Eurocodes BS EN 1993 1-3. All elements of the building can be incorporated in a stored project database, which can be configured to the user’s output and reporting requirements in Microsoft Word or PDF formats.

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