NEWS: Arithmetica previews new Pointfuse software at SPAR

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The forthcoming release of the point cloud 3D modelling tool can shrink model size tenfold

Simplified surfaces in the next release of Pointfuse will significantly reduce the file size of 3D vector models created from laser scanned point clouds, says developer Arithmetica.

In simple terms, explains business development manager Mark Senior, it recognises similar characteristics across a surface and then, rather than duplicating the same data, groups or simplifies data by the shared attribute. This results in a reduction in model size by a factor of ten, making ongoing use of the model easier, faster and more efficient, he adds.

Pointfuse is designed to offer a fast, precise and flexible way of converting the vast point cloud datasets generated by laser scanners or photogrammetry into high fidelity vector models. Designed for anyone capturing or using point cloud data, it uses advanced statistical techniques to create vector models which can then be manipulated using any industry-standard CAD system.

“Pointfuse is all about making laser scanned data more usable,” continues Senior. “Pointfuse bridges the gap between the laser scanning hardware solutions, increasingly being developed to capture more data, faster and with better accuracy, and the huge array of specialist software solutions used within the heritage, architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, infrastructure and mapping sectors, for example.”

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