NEWS: Newtecnic to deliver façade for New Central Bank of Iraq

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Advanced engineering design firm to engineer, coordinate and oversee construction of the building’s façades

International building engineering firm, Newtecnic is devising new algorithms to help design and engineer the structure and façade of the new Zaha Hadid designed Central Bank of Iraq (CBI). The company will also use 3D printing to prototype components and fixings to ensure they perfectly fit the as-built main structure.

Standing on a 200m x 100m (656 x 328 ft) podium, the 172m (562 ft) tall building, which sits on the shore of the river Tigris in Baghdad, signals a new phase in the development of both the city and the Iraqi economy and is a symbol of financial stability and security.

Newtecnic CEO Andrew Watts said, “The CBI tower presents complexity because it increases in width as it rises. Designing and creating digital geometry and physical formwork for the twisting façade profiles is challenging as is providing user comfort by controlling light levels and solar gain in the climate of Baghdad. The grass roofed podium, enclosing offices and entrances, is also complex since the concrete-based form comprises the aesthetic with no auxiliary decoration.”

The Central Bank of Iraq’s tower and podium envisaged under construction in 2020. In the foreground an onsite Newtecnic Construction Lab fabricates components using 3D simulation, 3D printing and additive manufacture Image credit – Newtecnic. ©Newtecnic

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