NEWS: From Revit to interactive 3D presentations in a browser

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CL3VER export plug-in for Autodesk Revit is available in the Autodesk Exchange Apps Store for presentations in the cloud

A new add-on for Revit is designed to help architects and engineers create interactive 3D presentations for desktop and mobile devices.

With a single click, the CL3VER export plug-in for Revit exports a 3D model from Autodesk Revit and brings it into the CL3VER editor, a cloud-based editing tool that runs in a web browser. The model export includes all geometry, hierarchy, materials and textures.

Inside the CL3VER editor, users can create a scene, add materials, lights, cameras, images, videos, animations, infographics and interactivity.

Scenes can then be published to the cloud and viewed in a web browser without a plug-in, on desktop, laptop or tablet. Presentations can be shared with a simple URL.

Scenes can also be viewed offline, downloaded as a .html file and opened with any WebGL-capable browser. An iOS apps for iPad and iPhone also supports interactive 3D presentations without an Internet connection.

CL3VER’s export plug-in for Revit can be downloaded for free from the Autodesk Exchange Apps Store.


Plug-ins are also available for 3ds Max, Maya, SketchUp and Solidworks. Alternatively, .fbx, .3ds, .dae, .kmz, .stl and .obj files can be dragged and dropped directly into the editor.

“CL3VER creates an incredibly powerful 3D experience for the client or stakeholder, enabling them to engage with the visualization from every angle and interact with the model in their own way,” says George Matos, principal at architectural firm, Blue Marble. “CL3VER is a useful 3D platform early on in the design, during exploration of the spatial layout of the project and a rough concept, and later for presentations, either as part of a proposal to sell the design, or as part of a marketing effort to sell the facility to potential buyers.”

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