NEWS: Synchro developing mobile app, codenamed Zephyr

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App will be fully integrated with Synchro Pro to bring 4D scheduling and project monitoring to the field

4D scheduling and construction project management software specialist Synchro is developing a mobile app, codenamed ‘Zephyr’. The app, which is fully integrated with Synchro Pro, the company’s 4D visual project management software, aims to bring 4D scheduling and project monitoring to the field.

Synchro says it is also keeping track of new technologies such as computer vision technology, drones, and point clouds and is already working with Redpoint on integrating micro location services into its software.

The key methodology that ‘Zephyr’ employs for mobile reporting is to report job status from the field at the task level and more detailed status reporting at the level of resources.

According to Synchro, Zephyr is designed to take advantage of the range of services available on mobile platforms: fast 3D geometry, navigation, location services, email, voice and text notes, photography and video, weather reports, and live connection.

Data reportable from Zephyr will be governed by the user’s role and permission in Synchro Pro, and will fully synchronise a focused 4D view of the project between Synchro Pro and Zephyr its mobile-filed extension.

The developers say a Pro mobile server has been built and tested with Zephyr. The mobile server provides a wireless connection point between a Synchro Pro (and therefore a Synchro Pro Workgroup) and Zephyr.


Synchro is currently testing Zephyr is on the iPad, but the company intends to release on other platforms as well.

Along with mobile apps, Synchro says there is a lot of excitement in the industry about micro location services, computer vision technology, drones, and point clouds, to help capture job status in the field.

The company says that, as these technologies mature and attain reasonable price and performance, it will incorporate them. The company has already integrated micro location services into the “Zephyr Alpha 3” build, which has been accomplished through a partnership with Redpoint Positioning. Redpoint offers real-time location services, currently accurate to 20cm., through its proprietary WiFi/Bluetooth network.

Synchro says that, with a Redpoint network installed on your job site, you can walk the site with Zephyr and see where you are, inside the model of your project.

The software is currently able to connect to any nearby Redpoint network simply by typing its IP address into Zephyr’s Setting sheet. The entire network’s geometry is displayed inside the 3D model. Synchro explains that, as you walk the site, your position is displayed within the model on your iPad. The company plans to use this technology to align Zephyr’s view of the site to the actual site, to the degree supported.

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