NEWS: UK BIM Alliance to host workshops at ICE BIM 2016

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Workshops include BIM for SMEs, public clients, private clients, designers, contractors and supply chain

UK BIM Alliance, the industry led body established to respond to the challenges set by the Government to achieve BIM Level 2, is to host six sector specific, afternoon workshops at the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Annual BIM Conference at the Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, London on the 19th October.

Each of the six workshops, focusing on the Small Medium Enterprise (SME), public client, private client, designers, contractors and supply chain sectors, will last 45 minutes and will be run twice within the allocated 90 minutes time slot, beginning at 1.30pm, allowing people to attend two sessions.

The workshops will enable UK BIM Alliance to capture the opportunities as well as the barriers that the implementation of BIM Level 2 has had, and is having, across all sectors of the construction supply chain. This valuable feedback will shape and quantify the future role and scale of the task the UK BIM Alliance will face in assisting all sectors of the construction industry achieve BIM Level 2 as “business as usual”.

Facilitated by experts in each particular sector, the workshops will focus on how to take full advantage of BIM’s tangible benefits. All the workshops will follow a similar structure with the designated expert, or experts, discussing the current state of the BIM implementation within their field, before presenting a relevant case study and finally opening the floor up to questions, answers and debate.

The facilitators will include such influential and experienced names as Chloe Obi, Head of BIM, Bouygues UK; Yannick Vos, a Strategic Advisor, who is responsible for the implementation of BIM at Schiphol Airport; Alison Watson, Managing Director at Class of Your Own; Andy Smith, General Manager of Future Planning, Waitrose and many more.

Additionally, at the conference, the UK BIM Alliance will be launching its ‘State of the Nation’ document. It will outline the progress to date and the future challenges and opportunities that the permeation of BIM Level 2 across the construction industry will have.


Speaking of the workshops, Anne Kemp, Chair of UK BIM Alliance said: “We’re really excited about presenting these workshops at the ICE Annual BIM Conference. After a period of transition, the UK BIM Alliance is ready for its launch. These workshops will provide a great opportunity for all sectors of the construction industry to have their say on shaping the future direction of BIM.

“By its very nature BIM is an ambitious and collaborative step forward for the UK construction industry and the full implementation of BIM Level 2 will not be a linear task. It is a fluid and constantly evolving project that relies on the cooperation, feedback and collaboration of all sectors of the construction industry.”

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