NEWS: Pointfuse V2 to power point cloud conversion in Arena4D

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New Integration will allow users to convert all or any part of the billions of points contained within a typical point cloud

Arithmetica’s Pointfuse V2 Point Cloud Conversion Engine has been added to the Veesus Arena4D product range, a cross platform point cloud rendering engine for viewing and editing large point cloud data sets.

According to the developers, users of Veesus Arena4D Data Studio and Plugin for Rhino will now be able to quickly, easily and accurately convert all or any part of the billions of individually laser scanned measurements contained within a typical point cloud.

Arithmetica says that its software’s “one button” approach not only allows use to convert point clouds into 3D vector models with accurate geometry, but also enables the discrete surfaces in these models to be isolated and manipulated in third party software, such as Rhino, to a greater extent than before.

“The inclusion of the newly released Pointfuse V2 Point Cloud Engine within the Arena4D product range will have immediate and wide ranging benefits for our users,” said Mark Estcourt, managing director of Veesus. “It will allow them to analyse a specific part of a point cloud, such as pipes or walls, allow for easier surface and edge determination for reverse engineering purposes, and will provide an environment that can be used to determine view-shed analysis and line of sight calculations.”

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