NEWS: Vabi Revit apps available in Autodesk store

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Low-cost, design analysis Revit add-ons designed to make simulation available to everyone – not just to specialists.

Vabi Software has made a number of its low-cost, design analysis Revit add-ons available in the Autodesk Exchange Apps store. The apps, reviewed recently in AEC Magazine, are designed to make simulation available to everyone – not just to specialists.

Vabi’s add-ons aim to extend the reach of BIM by incorporating building performance calculations, providing design decision support, monitoring design iterations and supervising goal achievement – all within a Revit model. The first apps made available in the Autodesk Exchange Apps store are Vabi Financial Simulator, Vabi Thermal Comfort Optimizer, and Vabi Spatial Requirements Assistant. Others will follow later.

The Vabi Financial Simulator enables ROI calculations, monitors design decision impacts and supervises goal achievement.

The Thermal Comfort Optimizer optimizes thermal comfort,

The Spatial Requirements Assistant helps ensure that all functional building requirements are met.

“With more than 40 years of experience, Vabi is setting the standard for building performance in The Netherlands and now brings its expertise, based on Revit add-ins, to international markets,” says Frank Schuyer, CEO at Vabi Software International. “Delivering quick-and-easy, productivity-enhancing, pay-as-you-use performance assessment software right in Autodesk Revit is an absolute imperative for today’s organisations to achieve optimal building lifecycles.” Meanwhile, to see the full range of Vabi Apps visit Vabi’s website.


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