NEWS: Newforma and NRI to promote construction collaboration

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Newforma’s SmartUse app will run on large touch screens from NRI to review, annotate, compare and drawings

Newforma has teamed up with New York-based NRI to help construction teams collaborate through the viewing and interactive mark-up of full-size plans on large, interactive screens.

Newforma’s SmartUse app will run on large Windows 8 touch screens from NRI to allow users to review, annotate, compare, and share the most recent drawings and specifications.

“Partnering with NRI to provide hardware and onsite support for our SmartUse app on large format screens in a job trailer, at a project office, or for a design studio simplifies the procurement and setup for our customers and allows us to maintain our focus as a software innovator,” said Newforma Chief Executive Officer Ian Howell.

“So many of our clients are moving away from traditional paper processes and are in great need of tools like the SmartUse app and Newforma project information management software,” added NRI president Doug Magid. “By combining the document sharing, team collaboration and mobility tools delivered by Newforma with our success in providing the latest equipment and technology, together we will help the entire industry to move even faster into digital processes.”

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