Oasys Giraphe geotechnical graphing tool launches

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Software allows users to create geotechnical graph outputs using data from Seequent’s OpenGround

Oasys Giraphe is a new geotechnical graphing software designed to makes it easier for users to create, customise, update, and interpret graphs. It is integrated with Seequent’s OpenGround geotechnical information management solution.

According to Oasys, with few clicks, users can retrieve OpenGround data and plot it on any of the geotechnical graphs in Giraphe’s predefined library.

Custom graphs can also be built using custom queries to sample fields from project data grids in OpenGround, or from customer data upload via CSV file.

Graphs can be arranged in collections for easy reference, quick creation and refreshing to help streamline their export for use in reports and presentations.

“In planning our implementation of OpenGround at Arup it became clear that we needed to find a way of rolling over our customised geotechnical graphing capability from gINT,” said Mark Skinner, Geotechnical portfolio product manager at Oasys.

“Building Giraphe provided us with a way of doing this, and at the same time with a great opportunity to capitalise on technological advances.”