NEWS: Viewpoint focuses on construction business intelligence

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Spectrum Business Intelligence solution provides customisable data analysis through ‘simple, automated’ tools

Viewpoint, a specialist in ERP, project management and mobile solutions for the construction industry, has introduced a new solution for construction data analytics and business intelligence.

Spectrum Business Intelligence, part of the Spectrum Construction Software suite, allows users to collect, compile and analyse construction data ‘virtually any way they want to’. The solution includes in-depth reporting tools, dashboards, creative charts, graphs and geographical mapping of data.

Using drag-and-drop features, users can access their Spectrum data, as well as apply measurements and dynamic calculations. The system can be used to create comprehensive reports, dashboards and data visualisations.

Once construction data has been compiled and analyzed it can be save and shared with other people, groups, project teams–or throughout the entire organisation. Through folder sharing and an integrated scheduler, reports can be pushed to their targeted audience one at a time or on a periodic basis.

“One of the long-standing challenges with construction data reporting software is, if the report or data isn’t presented exactly as the user wants it, the company may need additional report development work to create the required report,” said Viewpoint’s Scott Rosenbloom. “Today’s construction leaders want tools that are going to help them quickly identify and drill down into data in ways relevant to their business. Spectrum Business Intelligence provides that level of flexibility.”

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