NEWS: Nasuni ‘slashes’ Revit file open times across WAN

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Nasuni Service 6.2 update enhances Global File Locking support for Revit WorksharingT

Enterprise storage specialist Nasuni claims its enhanced service can slash the time taken to open a Revit file across a WAN from 20 minutes or more to just seconds. This is down to enhanced global file locking support for Revit Worksharing in its Nasuni Service version 6.2.

With support for the Worksharing features in a Revit Project, users can execute ‘Save to Central’ commands in order to synchronise the elements in their work sets around the world at what Nasuni describes as ‘near LAN level performance’. The Central File is made available globally via the Nasuni Service and is said to be protected from conflicts with Nasuni’s scalable cloud-based global file locking.

“Revit / BIM and CAD applications in general present unique challenges to distributed end-users in AEC organizations like ours,” said Don Richhart, network administrator for international engineering consulting firm, KJWW. “The Nasuni service certainly met our initial file sharing goals for our CAD applications, but IT wanted to challenge it further to meet another goal — to deliver the high performance and fast project open and synchronisation times our BIM end-users wanted in Revit.

“After working closely with Nasuni, we can now eliminate the need for Revit Server and still provide shared access to central projects, models, and drawings on our workstations, laptops, or even iOS and Android mobile devices. Nasuni’s cloud-based global file locking technology supports share mode file locking which is used by Revit so our end-users can safely collaborate on files no matter where in the world they happen to be based.”

As part of the 6.2 release, Nasuni is also introducing a new entry-level desktop appliance, the NF-50 Filer, which is said to be ideal for smaller office locations that require high-performance access to data but can’t or don’t want to install rack-mount infrastructure.

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